Building Pathways

Building Pathways

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Building Pathways brings hands-on construction training directly to the campuses of area high schools. Our hands-on learning and career exploration opportunities empower students to achieve their fullest potential.

The program unites construction industry employers, secondary education institutions, and the workforce development system to provide pathways for high school graduates to enter Colorado’s construction industry. Each stakeholder has unique reasons to be at the table: industry employers need to prepare the next generation of workers; education institutions want to provide post-graduation opportunities for all their students; and the workforce development system has training dollars available to spend. Working together, we can align these separate interests and produce positive outcomes for young people across the Denver Metro Area.

Building Pathways Empowers Students To:
  • Learn about career and educational opportunities
  • Develop career-specific skills that meet market demand
  • Gain hands-on experience in a simulated work environment
  • Acquire creative problem-solving skills
  • Demonstrate personal success
  • Practice self-discipline and grit
The Mobile Classroom

We can bring hands-on training directly to nearby partnering schools with our Mobile Classroom. If an educational partners lacks adequate space, we create a temporary construction lab at an outdoor location on school grounds, for instance, in a parking lot.

The Mobile Classroom provides the space to utilize construction tools and equipment properly and safely, and helps minimize noise that may disrupt regular academic classes. In addition, it enables participating students to make the most of their training, as the physical act of traveling to the Mobile Classroom instills a sense of separation from traditional high school that empowers students to achieve their fullest potential.

Construction Courses

Building Pathways includes both an introductory and advanced construction training courses. BP 101 is a career exploration tool for the construction industry as a whole, utilizing residential trades as a baseline for industry-wide skills development. This course is not intended as workforce development, so if a student wishes to continue with construction training, he or she would enroll in BP 201 or a CCI Construction Bootcamp. Students should earn credits toward their diploma as determined by school partner (i.e. Applied Science/Mathematics, Elective).

BP 201 is taught by the construction skills instructor with an emphasis on hands-on training. This course follows the Home Builders Institute (HBI) Pre-Apprentice Certificate Training (PACT) curriculum so graduates can earn the industry-recognized PACT Core certificate, which will prepare them for employment. This curriculum is approved by the U.S. Department of Labor, and it is developed the workforce development arm of the National Home Builders Association. We are in the process of developing concurrent enrollment classes with local community colleges so students can earn college credits.

Build Projects

After students demonstrate their ability to safely use tools, they will plan and construct build projects that provide valuable hands-on field experience while giving back to local communities. Possible projects include gazebos, outdoor storage sheds, and shade towers at off-site community spaces or the high school. During these projects, students will experience working within a budget, project management, scheduling, and presenting their ideas to industry partners.

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Interested in bringing this innovative program to your school? Contact executive director, Michael Smith, at or 303.997.0453.


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